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The Stratakis Lab

Ultrafast Laser Micro and Nano Processing Laboratory


Project Acronym: SINTERINK

Project Full Title: Digital conductive and dielectric nanoinks printing for energy applications

Starting Date: 19/07/2018 End Date: 18/07/2021

Digital printing of nanoinks complemented by direct laser sintering enables the mass production of digital conductive and dielectric patterns, which is advantageous for the performance of existing additive manufacturing technologies in multiple ways. In particular, it is digital, non-contact, and it enables 2.5D and 3D printing, it is a cleaner process (when compared with etching and screen printing), suitable for flexible and temperature sensitive substrates and efficient in the usage of inks, i.e. of low cost. Moreover, the use of nanoinks leads to products with improved properties, including lower resistivities, improved adhesion, high aspect ratios and high-resolution line patterns. The project follows a clear market pull approach for the introduction of nanoparticle-based materials into the production line. This technique is considered as an unconditional requirement in order to improve the product properties while increasing the efficiency of the production line in printed electronics applications. The project aims to develop a game changing technology integrating not only nano-Silver, but also nano-Copper and Barium Titanate inks, which will be much cheaper, while showing similar electrical properties. This new technology will enable higher aspect ratios and narrower patterning, as well as lower resistivities and better adhesion at lower sintering temperatures. At the same time, the project aims to create a production line meeting the customer’s needs and following the popular trend towards sustainability and environmental friendliness.

In the SINTERINK project, we develop and demonstrate the technology in operational environment for a manufacturing process incorporating digital multilayer inkjet conductive and dielectric printing (silver, copper and barium titanate single-crystal nanoparticle inks) complemented by direct laser sintering. The process will be demonstrated for the specific product case of inkjet-printed metallic grids for photovoltaics as well as dielectrics for embedded capacitors.

Project Members:

Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis

Dr. Maria Pervolaraki

Dr. George Tsibidis,

Ms. Antonia Loufardaki


Vector Technology, Greece

Eulambia, Greece

Digiflex Printing, Israel

PV Nanocell LtD, Israel